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Internet/Intranet Publishing Guidelines

Castle Rock School District #401


The purpose of Castle Rock School District (hereafter referred to as "District") web sites is to provide information via the World Wide Web about our District’s mission, curriculum, instruction, and school-authorized activities. District web pages serve as an introduction to the district as a whole and to the individual schools in the district. Web pages can offer an opportunity for publishing of student works to a local and global audience. District web pages can also link to valuable information on the larger World Wwide Web.

Staff or students wishing to post web sites on the district web server must comply with the following guidelines. Failure to do so will result in loss of authoring privileges and/or disciplinary measures.

Guiding Principles

  • Educational Value - Material to be published must not display, access, or link to sites deemed offensive by the District acceptable use policy. All published material must have educational value and/or support the district guidelines, goals and policies.
  • Publishing Agreement - Only materials authorized by a sponsoring district organization will be published on District Internet/Intranet servers. All personnel involved in Internet/Intranet publishing must have on file at the District office an Internet/Intranet Publishing Agreement signature page.
  • Privacy - At no time shall any student's personal information (full name, home address, e-mail address, or phone number) appear on District Internet/Intranet published materials. All contact information should identify a webmaster or content sponsor.
  • Student Safety - To assure student safety, student's picture and name shall not appear on the same page. A visitor should never be able to connect a student's name with a face.
  • Copyright Laws - Adhere to all copyright laws. Please pay particular attention to the copyright information in the District Web Page Publishing Guidelines (below).
  • Content Monitoring/Auditing - The district technology director is responsible for overseeing the development of the Castle Rock School District web site. The district technology director shall serve as a liaison to building web specialists and assist them in creating their school’s web site and conforming to the Web Page Publishing Guidelines. The district technology director should regularly "visit" Internet/Intranet accessible content to monitor appropriateness, quality and educational value. Accordingly, Castle Rock School District administration or technology department staff reserves the right to audit and/or adjust materials and/or activity on any Internet/Intranet server published content sponsored by a District organization.
  • Ownership and Retention - All web pages on the Castle Rock School District web server are the property of District. Approved student web pages will be deleted after the student graduates unless special arrangements are made with the district technology director.

Site Guidelines

  • Active Links - The web is a very dynamic resource. It is strongly recommended that links to external existing sites be checked regularly to insure that District sponsored links are not going to sites that do not meet District acceptable use policy.
  • Current Files - Only active files that are required for the proper operation of the web site should be stored on the web server.
  • File Size - Due to limited storage space and varying network speeds, it is recommended that file sizes should be kept under 50 Kilobytes. In rare cases, where larger file sizes are required, please inform users by making a note on referring documents.
  • Default Home - In each directory there should be an "index.htm" file so users will see this default home page if they do not include a file name when requesting information.
  • Credits Page - If you use external resources on your site include a "credits" page.
  • Advertising – Individuals are not to use Castle Rock School District resources for personal gain or profit. Accordingly, there is no advertising, sale or solicitations by individuals on District-sponsored sites. Poor quality ads on external sites linked from District sponsored sites may distract from their educational value.

Page Guidelines

  • Navigational Links - Each page will contain clear links to the sponsoring site's home page and/or higher-level pages. There should always be navigational clues to help users find their way around (a "back" button is not always adequate).
  • Disclaimer – Each page on District sponsored sites shall contain a disclaimer stating that published content adheres to these guidelines. The disclaimer should contain a link to the online version of the guidelines at http://www.castlerock.wednet.edu/pubguide.htm
  • Contact Information - Out of courtesy to Internet/Intranet users, each page shall contain contact information for the content sponsor.
  • Copyright Notice - Each page shall contain a copyright notice which reserves the publisher's right.
  • Update Information - Each page shall contain the date the page was last updated.

Sample Footer containing disclaimer (via link), contact information (e-mail link), copyright notice and update information:

Maintained according to Castle Rock School District
Internet/Intranet Publishing Guidelines
by Content Sponsor

©2008 Castle Rock School District - All rights reserved.

Last updated on 10/01/2008.

Responsibility for Pages

All documents on the Castle Rock School District web server must conform to School Board policies and regulations as well as individual school guidelines. Board policies are available on this Web and in all school offices.

At the building level, the principal and the network use team shall appoint a building web specialist (or building web team). The building web specialist (or team) shall be responsible for the development and regular content update of the individual school web site, making sure that all web pages conform to District guidelines. For an individual building, questions about the quality or appropriateness of web page material or the appearance or content of a web page are the responsibility of the building principal.

Subject Matter

All subject matter on Castle Rock School District web pages should relate to District or schools within the District. This includes information about curriculum, instruction, school-authorized activities, or general information related to the District or individual schools that is appropriate and of interest to others.

Staff or student work may be published only as it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity. Student work may only be published if there is written permission from both parent and student. Student work may never include the student’s last name or other personal information (see Standards below).

Home pages for individuals or organizations not directly affiliated with the District are not allowed.

Content Standards

Each web page added to the District web server should contain certain elements that will provide for general consistency. Regarding any questions of quality or appropriateness of web page material, appearance, or content of a web page, the judgment of the building principal or District administrators will prevail.

What should be on the pages

  • All web pages must be checked carefully for correct spelling and grammar. All information must be appropriate and conform to the subject matter guidelines as outlined above. The school name should be at the top of every school web pag. Additionally, the school pages must be identified as part of the Castle Rock School District.
  • All links must point to appropriate and meaningful sites. Links to other sites must be researched by the author of the pages and found to be educationally important and appropriate.
  • At the bottom of the homepage, there should be an indication of the date of the last update to that page and the name and e-mail address of the person(s) responsible for the page or update. It shall be that person’s responsibility to keep the web page current. At the bottom of the home page should be a link that returns the user to the Castle Rock School District homepage and/or to the individual school’s homepage.
  • Copyright standards must be observed (see below).

What should not be on the pages

  • No staff home phone numbers or addresses should appear on a page. No student home phone numbers, addresses or e-mail addresses should appear on a page. Published e-mail addresses are restricted to staff members. Web page documents may include only the first name and last initial of a student. Documents may not include a student’s phone number, address, names of other family members, or names of friends.
  • Student pictures, individual or group, may not be published without written consent of parents or guardians. There should be no links to personal web pages (staff or student). There should be no links to inappropriate or offensive sites.
  • Non-factual "brag" pages are not allowed. Listing awards won and accomplishments is acceptable.

Design Tips and Recommendations

  • Plan ahead as you design your web pages. Keep your audience in mind. Make sure your pages link together logically and coherently. Write clearly and be brief. Check spelling and proofread everything. Design all pages to have a similar appearance. Put the same things in the same places on different pages. Leave ample white space around the text (don’t completely fill a screen with typing).
  • All pages should have a clear navigational system. Include links back to other pages in your work, with key pages linking back to your home page. Remember links to the homepage of your school site. The school homepage must have a link to the Castle Rock School District homepage. Include the content sponsor contact and revision dates on all homepages.
  • Graphics are slow to transmit across the Internet, especially large ones. Keep the use of graphics to a minimum, and keep the size small whenever possible.
  • Avoid long pages where the user has to scroll up and down to find information. Design the page so users can quickly see if the information is valuable to them. Use internal links if the page gets long or break the long page into other smaller pages.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t use many different-sized fonts, lots of bold, blinking or any other tricks you may have seen or learned. Don’t distract the user from the important information you are posting. Be sure the background you are using is not distracting.
  • Be sure all of your links work properly. Check links to the greater World Wide Web periodically to determine any that have expired.

Technical Standards

  • All Castle Rock School District web pages shall reside on the District web server. Web pages must be reviewed by the building web specialist, working in conjunction with the district technology director, before being posted. Standard HTML is to be used. ASP or DHTML may be used with permission.
  • All web pages must be given names that clearly identify them. The names of all documents shall coincide with current Castle Rock School District web server practices and structures. Contact the district technology director for more information.
  • All file names must be in lowercase with no spaces. File names should end with the ".htm" extension. Graphics, sound, or video used on web pages must conform to formats currently approved by the District. Contact the district technology director for more information.
  • Students wishing to publish on the District web server must have a teacher sponsor. Student work may be published only as it relates to a class project, course, or other school-related activity. The teacher sponsor is responsible for making sure the student is familiar with the District Web Page Guidelines. The teacher sponsor is responsible for "proof reading" the student’s web pages prior to their submission for publication.
  • Students or teachers creating web pages representing an entire school or department, rather than a class or an individual, must obtain permission from the building web specialist and the building principal. The author of the web page will edit and test the page(s) for accuracy of links and conformance with the standards outlined in this document before submitting it to the building web specialist for posting.
  • Web pages may not contain links to other web pages not yet completed. Web pages may not contain any student e-mail address links.
  • Final decisions regarding technical standards related to active web pages will rest with the district technology director.

Copyright Standards


In general terms, teachers, students and schools are allowed to make "fair use" of materials for instructional purposes. "Fair use" has been interpreted to include those limited uses that are not likely to deprive a publisher or an author of income. Teachers and students might make liberal use of information, text, and graphics so long as their resulting work stays within the classroom setting. However, as soon as that work moves out of the classroom and onto the Internet/Intranet in the form of a web page, copyright law imposes much greater restrictions.

  • Copyright law and District copyright policies must be followed. Unless there is a clear statement that art, photos, and text are "public domain" and available for free use, one should assume that they are copyrighted. This material should not be used for republication on a local area network, a wide area network, or a web site unless permission is granted from the owner.
  • Writing, art work, and photography of students belongs to them and should not be published without written student and parental permission. Visitors to a site should not have rights to take and duplicate such materials without negotiating with the producers of those materials. When copying is permitted and expected, those permissions should be clearly stated where the notice is easily found.
  • An extensive collection of articles and resources about copyright issues can be found at Copyright Website, http://www.benedict.com/.

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