RFP for Erate 2014-2015

posted 1-29-2013

The Castle Rock School district is applying for Erate discounts for its telephone services. We will be rebidding our Local in state and out of state phone rates as well as cell phone services. 

The bidding will take in to consideration;
Per minute or increment of - Long Distance rates,
In state and/or out of state charges,
Local service charges,
Monthly service charges,

Cell phone radio capabilities and coverage.. 

Other considerations might include;
Available onsite service in our area.
Easy direct access to service representatives for billing and erate concerns.

Please include any other value added discounts or incentives.

Please feel free to call me at; 

Don Fias
(360) 501-2965
or email dfias@crschools.org

Thank You,
Don Fias